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Book composite bonding in Swansea today to enhance your smile. We provide composite build-ups and bonding services as part of our cosmetic dentistry work to help improve the look of your teeth. By ‘building up’ individual teeth using a composite material, your teeth will look smoother and more uniform. This treatment is the ideal alternative to invasive procedures like crowns and veneers, as we can restore individual teeth without causing any damage or removing healthy enamel. It is also more cost-effective and can be completed in one appointment.

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Transform Your Smile With Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a simple, pain-free solution for correcting minor damage such as chips, fractures or gaps between teeth. We will use a resin colour that matches your tooth closely to achieve a natural look that suits you. Then, your tooth will be prepared by slightly roughening the surface before a liquid coating is applied to help the resin adhere.

Next, the composite resin will be applied. Once it has been moulded into the required shape, it will be hardened with a curing light and shaped and polished until it meets the desired appearance.

A composite smile makeover can often be completed in one appointment and is proving to be a popular alternative to crowns and veneers or an adjunct to minimal Orthodontic/aligner treatment.


  • Painless procedure and often no local anaesthetic needed.

  • No drilling/damage – the whole tooth structure is preserved. The procedure is completely reversible.

  • Durable – bonding can last up to 4–5 years, depending on the patient and level of care and hygiene.

  • No laboratory needed – work often completed in one visit.

  • Price – cheaper than other cosmetic options.

  • Strength – not as strong as other cosmetic options. Composites are prone to chipping/breaking under pressure.

  • Staining – resin is prone to staining and behaviours such as smoking, drinking coffee/tea, consuming certain foods can cause discolouration.

  • Longevity is considered much shorter than a veneer or Crown.

  • Not considered suitable as a stand-alone treatment to address an improperly aligned bite, such as an overbite/overjet.

  • Not considered suitable when there is an inadequate amount of natural tooth remaining.

At our local practice, we always keep our prices competitive. The cost of composite bonding will depend on a number of factors. From minor changes to the shape of the tooth, to more advanced treatments such as composite veneers, we will discuss pricing with you during your consultation and give you a full breakdown of the costs involved. Call our experts today for further details.

Good oral hygiene and healthy natural teeth are essential. Your suitability will depend on your current restorative condition and your desired outcome.

It is important that you discuss your desired results fully with your dentist before undergoing any procedure.

We advise that you refrain from eating stain prone foods and drinks for as long as possible immediately after the procedure.

Brushing twice a day with non-abrasive toothpaste.

Interdental cleaning.

It is essential that you wear a night guard if you grind your teeth or have a strong bite.

Do not chew/bite non-food items (pens/ice/nails).

Keep a healthy diet low in sugary and/or acidic foods.

Attend dental examinations and hygiene appointments regularly.

Composite bonding is currently not available through the NHS.

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