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Protect your teeth with our custom-made mouth guards in Swansea. We can provide you with an expertly fitted gum shield, so you can feel at ease while playing your favourite sport. Our experts offer fittings for adults and children, so for further details, please get in touch today.

Sports Mouth Guards

Did you know that facial/oral injuries account for 26% of all sports-related injuries? Fractured and avulsed teeth are a common problem, which is why custom-made mouth guards are required across a number of sports such as cricket, football and boxing. If anything hits the mouth, the guard will absorb most of the shock and reduce the extent of the injury.

Custom-Made Gum Shields

With our custom-made gum shields, our dental experts will take an accurate impression of your mouth and note how the jaws bite together. Then, we can create a guard that will comfortably fit your teeth and stay in place. Contact us to book your fitting.


Although there are many at-home mouth guards available on the market, these appliances do not give your teeth the correct protection as they are often thinnest where your teeth need the most shielding. As these kits involve heating the product in water and putting it in your mouth until it sets, this normally results in a poor fit. In addition, they can be uncomfortable to wear, and they can fall out when they are needed most!

Therefore, it is always recommended to get your sports mouth guard made by a professional, so we can ensure it comfortably fits your teeth.

Yes, we can provide coloured mouth guards. Whether you just want to opt for your favourite colour, or you want to match the rest of your sports team, we always have a wide range of colours to choose from.

If your tooth has been knocked out, it’s important to take the following steps:

  • If the tooth is clean, you should put it back into the socket or keep it in your mouth. Alternatively, you can put it in a cup of milk.
  • Do not hold the tooth at its roots. It is surrounded by fragile ligaments that will need to be intact for us to replace the tooth.
  • Please visit a dentist as soon as possible. We will replace the tooth with a splint fastened to the teeth on either side, then we will later remove the splint.
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Contact Us For Custom Fit Mouth Guard

If you want to find out more about professionally fitted mouth guards in Swansea, please get in touch with our local dental practice today.

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