How To Cope With Fear Of Visiting A Dental Clinic

Woman Who Is Scared Of The Dentist Visiting A Dental Clinic

According to a survey carried out by Dental Phobia, 53% of the UK are scared of visiting a dental clinic. This results in a number of people refusing to visit the dentist, putting their oral health at risk. Don’t let fear get in the way of good oral hygiene. You can use these tips to help calm your fears before your appointment.

Know What To Expect At The Dental Clinic

The fear of visiting the dentist can arise for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is a fear of the unknown. It’s difficult to know what’s going on when your mouth is being inspected. If this gives you anxiety, ask if your dentist can explain what’s happening during the procedure. This can help put your mind at rest.

Little Boy Wearing Earphones At The Dentists

On the other hand, if you’d rather not know what’s going on and would prefer to zone out a bit, ask if your dentist will allow you to wear headphones during the appointment. Listening to your favourite music or podcast could be a good enough distraction to put your mind at ease.

A good dentist will inform you when they’re doing something that might cause you to feel discomfort or pain. They should also instruct you of what to do if you need them to stop. This is usually a hand signal like a wave, as it’s not easy to vocalise when the dentist is working in your mouth.

Prepare For Your Appointment

It’s good practice to clean and floss your teeth before any visit to the dental clinic. If you’re just having a checkup, you won’t need to worry about any injections or drilling. You’ll be able to book a separate appointment for those if the dentist prescribes treatment.

When you’re heading in to have a filling done, you might want to take a paracetamol about an hour before the appointment. The majority of fillings are completely painless. The worst part is usually the injection that is used to numb your mouth, which is generally nothing more than a small scratch. An OTC painkiller could give you extra reassurance that any discomfort will be manageable. Make sure you ask your dentist first if taking a painkiller is okay, as it could interact with any medicines that they need to use for your treatment.

Dental Treatment On A Woman

Recognise That Discomfort Is Normal

You’re much more likely to feel discomfort than you are pain at the dentist. Discomfort doesn’t need to be something to be scared of. Remember, your appointment isn’t likely to take very long and in most cases the discomfort will be over as soon as you leave the dental clinic.

Woman Flossing Her Teeth

To reduce the amount of discomfort you feel at the dentist, make sure you keep on top of your oral hygiene. Those who brush their teeth twice a day and floss at least once per day are much less likely to have gum problems or pain. Similarly, those who visit the dentist and hygienist regularly and have good oral health are much less likely to experience pain.

Visit Manor Road Dental Practice’s Professional Dental Clinic

We’re experienced with treating patients who experience dentist anxiety and phobia. If you’ve been putting off your dental appointments, it’s never too late to get booked in and get on top of your oral hygiene. Give our friendly practice a call to schedule your examination.


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