What Happens If You Avoid Seeing The Dentist?

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It’s very tempting to avoid seeing the dentist. Many people are afraid of discomfort, but there are also plenty who think that because they’re not experiencing dental problems, they don’t need to see a dentist. However, this is a big mistake that can result in much more serious issues developing over time. Here’s a few things that could happen if you keep putting off your annual check-up…

Development Of Gum Disease

When bacteria builds up on and in between your teeth, plaque and tartar can cause gum inflammation. This can be very uncomfortable, and is often the cause of bleeding gums. Gum disease is not always noticeable, but it poses significant risks. Allowing it to go on long-term means that you could develop periodontal disease, which is able to cause irreversible changes to the health of your gums.

Missed Opportunities To Spot Serious Illnesses

Dentists are able to spot the early signs of some serious health issues. Diabetes, kidney failure and heart disease are all things that dentists can check for, as well as oral cancer. Ensuring that you don’t miss your annual checkup means that you have the best chance of treating these problems, should they be spotted early. Gum disease is also thought to be linked to the development of heart disease, so treating this issue is in your best interest to protect your heart.

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Dental Discomfort

Allowing cavities to develop without intervention can lead to infections deeper in the tooth. These infections lead to toothache, gum pain and teeth sensitivity. This may require that the tooth be removed, or that you get a root canal. Unfortunately, when the pulp of your tooth becomes damaged, it cannot repair itself. Therefore, if you see a dentist regularly and have cavities treated before they develop further, you have the best chance of avoiding more invasive dental procedures.

Don’t Forget To Book In To See The Dentists At Manor Road

If it’s time for your next checkup, don’t put off making an appointment. Contact our friendly team to day to schedule a consultation with one of our professional dentists. We carry out careful dental procedures with patient comfort and satisfaction in mind.


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